About us

Parodi & Associates is a consulting company specialised in optimising the performance of management teams and executive committees in family and value-oriented businesses. We focus on leadership ability, value orientation and the development of company culture as important components of a company’s success.

The aim of our consultancy is to sustainably strengthen the economic success of our client companies, in close cooperation with them and with due consideration for their strategic objectives.

The expertise of our team is designed to offer our clients a holistic, systemic consultation. For this reason our service offer includes the following fields:

– Analysis and evaluation of the internal leadership competence
– Executive recruitment
– Development of individual and collective skills
– Consultation on change processes

The many years of practical and academic experience provided by our consultants constitutes the foundation for our work.

Our clients include both well-known family businesses and companies listed on the stock exchange. We support our clients directly in all German-speaking countries and Western Europe. Together with our accredited partners, we cover all other key business centers of the world.


We are committed to making a measurable contribution to the financial success of companies engaging our consulting services and so guarantee our customers‘ satisfaction.
Our consulting services adhere to the highest quality standards of our branch.
The efficiency that characterises our organisation and infrastructure is the basis for our value-adding activities.
We are convinced that our professional and independent support serves the interests of our clients and candidates in equal measure.
Our role as advisor and career counsellor is the foundation for the development of a longterm trusting relationship with both parties. The needs and interests of our clients and candidates are always our first priority.
We know that our advice can have significant impact on the future of our clients and candidates. We are conscious of the associated social and moral responsibility and feel obligated to act according to the best of our knowledge and ability at all times.


Because management style, company culture and business objectives often entail reciprocal conditions and are decisive factors in determining a company’s success, we consider it essential to employ standardised and agreed methods that can be applied to both the individual and groups.
We offer our services worldwide and in multiple languages.

Development of Corporate Values and Leadership Principles

We advise our clients on the development of company values and management guidelines, and how to embed these in the company vision. This takes place in close dialogue with owners, managers and employees.

Values and Leadership based Recruitment

Our consultants are all trained and certified to spot those personality characteristics influencing leadership style and team behaviour in order to evaluate the fit to the culture and values of the company and owners.

More than 20 years of experience have provided us with a great deal of knowledge about the significant companies in the market and their managers. Our network has been developed over decades and has enabled us to establish a trusting relationship with many Leaders. This permits direct and discrete contact and offers us the opportunity for appropriate referencing.

Design of Change and Development Processes

Our consulting process aims to advise the owners, advisory boards and supervisory board members on practices and processes to facilitate the successful and sustainable implementation of change and development processes in their companies. We focus on the development of customised project designs and the provision of support for their implementation.

Evaluation of Managers and Management Teams

Our evaluation measures the leadership and management ability of individual managers and assesses the value framework and managerial competencies behind their actions. Standardised individual interviews enable us additionally to clearly identify the company’s leadership and cultural profile.

Development of Managers and Management Teams

Successful companies are founded on standardised and consistently implemented leadership principles. Parodi & Associates offers assistance in the development of your company’s management skills through support that is especially tailored to the needs of the company and its individual managers.

We also promote teambuilding processes at a group-wide level, e.g. through the implementation of shared management principles, the establishment of communication and cooperation rules, and conflict resolution.


What the consultants from Parodi & Associates have in common is that as a team, they cover a broad spectrum of competencies. They possess extensive practical experience in either human resources or business operations, gained in blue chip companies. Our consulting team combines expertise in the areas of psychology, social science and business administration. Internationalism und multilingual skills round off most of the consultant profiles.

Franco A. Parodi

Founder of Parodi & Associates, has many years of international experience in executive search and evaluation. On completion of his studies in Business Administration at the University of Nuremberg, he gained project management know-how in a renowned market research institute in France and Great Britain, and business management experience in Italy. His management responsibilities included the coordination of major global customers and the provision of consulting services for managing partners in medium-sized companies.
For twelve years prior to establishing Parodi & Associates in 2007, Mr Parodi was a partner in a well-known personnel consulting company, where he was responsible for the development and positioning of the consumer practice. During this time he occupied various management positions for Germany and Europe, including the position of Practice Coordinator for Central Europe.

Uta Friege

has more than 25 years of experience in personnel and management development, which she gained in national and international leadership functions. A systematic advisory and coaching approach completes her professional profile.
After obtaining a degree in psychology and economics from Bochum University, she initially gathered experience in personnel and organisational development at a major German retail chain before continuing her career as a personnel manager of an international bank.
Ms Friege has been working as a consultant since 2009. Her core competencies include supporting executives, teams and organisations at turning points.

Accreditation & Network


The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) is worldwide the leading professional association for executive search companies. The AESC promotes the highest professional standards in retained executive search.
Parodi & Associates is a proud member of AESC and commits to the AESC Code of Professional Practice and Standards of Excellence.


BlueSteps is the premier and exclusive career management portal of the AESC. It connects high-level managers and senior executives with all top executive personnel consultants who are members of AESC at an international level.


The graduation of our coaches is accredited by Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching (DBVC).


German Business Ethics Network (Deutsches Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik – EBEN Deutschland e.V.)

Parodi & Associates is a member of:


ALUMNI Network for Good Management Practice, in cooperation with Prof. Horst Steinmann


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